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September 2015 issue

You probably have insurance of some kind, but you and your business may not be as protected as you’d think. In addition to your photography gear, your business and personal assets need coverage, too. And that comes in the form of general liability insurance. It’s not just a good business idea: If you photograph weddings or events, be aware that most venues require photographers to carry general liability insurance.

General liability insurance is different from the equipment or homeowner’s insurance you might already have. It protects your business and assets in case something happens to your client, a third party, or their property while you’re on the job and someone pursues legal action against you. For example, someone might trip over one of your electrical cords and get hurt, or you could knock something over and damage property. A resulting lawsuit from one of these scenarios could spell financial ruin for you and your business if you don’t have liability coverage.

PPA has negotiated a discounted rate for its 28,000 photographers, with an annual premium starting at $236. And the coverage is designed with the needs of photographers in mind. Before you purchase any insurance, closely compare coverage, deductibles, and limits  in addition to the annual premium.

Get a quote online from PPA general liability insurance provider Lockton Risk Services:

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