In This Issue September

Baby and child portraiture, wedding stills + video, Andrew Hancock's sports photography, aerial imaging by kite, meaningful marketing messages, finding support from mentors, Canon's EOS 7D Mark II camera, and lighting reviews. Plus, how your small business can save on credit card processing fees and general liability insurance.

Table of Contents

It's Not About the Horse: Corralling a Profitable Niche

Under the Northern Lights: Alli Peck's Heart-Warming Portraits

Lighting Review: K5600 Evolution HMI Kit is Cinematic

Weddings in Motion: Victoria Grech in Action

VIDEO: Verity and Dominic

Free PPAedu Video: PPA Charities: Simple Posing and Lighting for Family Portrait Month

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Web Exclusives September

Glow ParaPop: Problem Solver

While soft boxes are great for providing soft lighting, most of them are not very easily portable. Many photographers have to weigh the pros and cons of taking one on location. Does the benefit (light quality) outweigh the hassle (teardown/setup time/bulkiness)? Are the soft boxes you use with your studio lights compatible with your location lighting? Many are not designed for use with speed lights. Glow ParaPop 28", part of Adorama's exclusive light modifier collection, solves all these problems.

Polaris Karat Flash Meter: Special Edition Packed with Features

Aspen Corporation has made Polaris light meters for 20 years, and in honor of the occasion they are releasing their most sophisticated model yet, the Polaris Karat Flash Meter. The Karat is designed for serious enthusiasts and professionals looking for an accurate and cost-effective meter for more control over their lighting decisions from continuous and flash sources.