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For more than 100 years, Professional Photographer, the official magazine of Professional Photographers of America, has helped readers advance careers in the photographic industry. Each issue contains practical yet cutting-edge lessons in the artistic, business, and technological aspects of professional photography. No other magazine offers a more influential presentation of the people, trends, products, and photographs changing and defining the portrait, wedding and commercial photography landscape.



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  • Professional Photographers of America is the world’s largest nonprofit association for professional photographers, with 24,000 members in 54 countries. This association seeks to increase its members’ business savvy as well as broaden their creative scope, advancing careers by providing all the tools for success...as they have since 1869. Members can rest easy, knowing they’re backed by the industry’s most powerful organization. PPA's Mission: Creating a vibrant community of successful professional photographers by providing education, resources and industry standards of excellence.
    Website: www.ppa.com

  • Student Photographic Society
    Geared specifically for photography students and educators, the Student Photographic Society (SPS) is a non-profit association dedicated to enhancing photographic education and assisting students with the transition to professional photography. SPS offers a wide array of services specifically for students, including the student volunteer program at Imaging USA, the student photo newsletter, job boards for internships, assistants, and entry level photographers, plus much more.
    Website: www.studentphoto.com


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