Epiphanie Bags Keep Function in Style

By Pete Wright, M.Photog.Cr.

It wasn't long ago that the photography industry started seeing a growing influx of products designed for female photographers, and Epiphanie bags was one of the first to come out with quality camera bags designed for the needs and tastes of women in the industry. I spoke with Epiphanie owner Maile Wilson about how she got started and what’s new in the Epiphanie line.

Wilson wanted to create a bag that went beyond basic black poly-vinyl construction and showed some style. She didn't just stop with her original Lola bag, a hybrid shoulder bag style suited for photography or personal-bag needs. The company now offers 12 styles in a range of sizes, each in multiple colors, including styles that also appeal to men. 

The Epiphanie selection ranges from small purse like bags to messenger style bags that quickly convert backpacks. All are made with moveable Velcro pads to allow for customizing the arrangement of gear.  Never sacrificing functionality for fashion, Epiphanie bags have multiple pockets to hold personal items and accessories, and some models can accommodate laptops and tablets. Maile’s bags are available at epiphaniebags.com, ranging in price from $154 to $225.



The new Sydney bag transfers into backpack just by pulling the straps at the sides. You can wear it on your shoulder or cross body. Versatile.


The Madison bag is large enough to accomodate a laptop, two bodies, an iPad, and a long lens. It easily converts to a backpack.


The London bag is one of Epiphanie's designs that appeal to both men and women.


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