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Aftermath: A Photo Essay in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

By Cate Scaglione, Je Revele Fine Art Photography

In the days following the hurricane, I set out to help deliver donated goods to the hardest hit areas within my community. I brought my camera along, not only to help me process what had happened in the days prior but with the thought that it would allow me to help inspire donations from across the country through our social media network. In the process of delivering supplies, I saw the profound sadness of memories depleted. But even in the wake of such loss, people's spirits were surprisingly resilient. I spoke with so many people who were grateful for their lives and the support they received. They didn't mind being photographed and many welcomed it. They just wanted to share their stories and make it feel concrete. I noticed that when people tearfully described their losses from this storm, it was rarely mentioned in terms of dollars, cars, or jewelry. Not even once. What I heard time and again was the mourned loss of photos, the priceless archives of our memory. I realized that in a way, photos are the currency of the journey our lives. In this photo essay, I attempted to capture the surreal images of a joyful life ravaged by disaster. I tried to create a reverence, to find beauty and meaning in what is now gone. I hope it inspires you and serves as a reminder to continue helping the charities that support these victims. They will need our help long after Sandy's wake.