Pro Review: iPad Mediapad Pro 1.2

By Curtis Joe Walker

Creating a digital portfolio on the iPad should be on the front burner of any studio’s marketing plan. Mediapad Pro (Version 1.2, $11.99) aims to streamline that process while balancing it between clean and flashy to remain appealing as possible today’s discerning clients.

The design comes from Craig Orsini who wanted the app to be the ultimate portfolio tool. Setup appears as a screen full of pre-designated slots within a template to fill in. Backgrounds can be customized, existing brand logos can be used and there’s even a spot for a scanned business card.



The galleries can support video, photos, audio and external web content through the built-in browser, giving photographers the most flexibility in the presentation of their work. Unfortunately, music is not yet incorporated as a soundtrack to the portfolio, but this feature will come soon. In the meantime, it’s possible to play music through the iPod app.

The app works best with specific image sizes and formats, working from within this template should not add too much time to one’s workflow and allows for additional page design through manually composited images (diptychs, triptychs and so forth). For photographers who have already designed printed books, importing the pages as JPGs becomes an easy option. This is similarly useful with tearsheets, often a cumbersome media to present.

Guestbook integration is a nice touch as well. It adds to the overall potential as a controlled environment for your customers. Websites they launch from within the app don’t have address bars or google searches, limiting potential misuse. (The only thing required to seal the deal would be some sort of case that obstructs access to the home button.)

The most important feature? It’s entirely offline. That means it’s going to work consistently, regardless of internet coverage. That means it’ll work at tradeshows. Kinda handy.

Overall, it feels very much like a portable LiveBooks site, (but not the actual LiveBooks mobile site, which leaves much to be desired in terms of iPad user experience). New features will continue to the be added either as inexpensive add-on packs or through free updates. It’s a great tool to have handy, and it’s a bargain at $11.99. Available now.

Their video demonstration is the only instruction manual required to get started.

More information about the app is available at the developer’s site






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