Supplement: Mamiya RZ33 Kit

This post shows additional product illustrations for Stan Sholik's review of the Mamiya RZ33 Kit, published in the October issue of Professional Photographer magazine.

By Stan Sholik

All images ©Stan Sholik

Professional photographers want reliable equipment they can count on long-term, that won’t be rendered obsolete by the next new thing. PhaseOne (through its Mamiya and Leaf operations) has stepped in to help provide that for owners of Mamiya RB67 and RZ67, as well as newcomers to mediumformat digital photography.

The RZ33 digital camera kit upgrades those cameras for cordless digital operation. RZ67 users can still use all their existing accessories, including the film backs and power winder, on the upgraded body. RB67 owners can use the kit to upgrade to a digital system that will feel totally familiar, although they’ll need to get RZ lenses. And the newcomers get yet another digital camera option that includes a broad range of superb leaf-shutter-equipped lenses.

The RZ33 kit comprises an updated Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID body and Mamiya DM33 digital back. All you need do is attach a lens, load a CF card, charge the DM33 battery, and start shooting. The RZ33 body looks identical to the RZ67, but the body in the RZ33 kit has updated communications boards and a new digital integration plate between the body and the back. These enable the body and back to communicate without external cables, thus making setup simpler and operation more reliable. 


The RZ33 kit with the bellows slightly extended.


With the DM33 back mounted horizontally, the menus and icons are correctly oriented. ©Stan Sholik


With the DM33 back mounted vertically, captured images will be displayed vertically, but the menus and icons do not rotate. ©Stan Sholik


A three-position switch on the side of the body controls several operations. The “R” position is used to rotate the back, the “|” position in the center is for storing or making single exposures with a film back, and the “M” position is the correct position for shooting with the DM33 digital back. ©Stan Sholik


The RZ67 body in the RZ33 kit looks identical to the RZ67 Pro IID, but internal modifications allow the updated body to communicate with a digital back without external cords. No lens is included in the RZ33 kit. ©Stan Sholik


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I don't understand why RB users would have to use RZ glass as the body doesn't communicate with the lens. How does the back know what lens is in use?

Mike Edwards:

Regarding CJW's question:

The RZ33 uses internal electronics for the components to "talk" to each other. The RZ's lenses use an electronic shutter, which are part of this communication. The RB system lenses do not have this, and are not compatible with the RZ33 camera.

Kirk Darling:

>>I don't understand why RB users would have to use RZ glass as the body doesn't communicate with the lens. How does the back know what lens is in use?<<

The RZ lenses are electronically controlled--the body does communicate electronically with the RZ lenses.

The RZ lenses do communicate to the RZ body while the RB lenses do not. Therefore the RB lenses are incompatible with the RZ33 kit. This information is directly from the RZ33 product manager.
Stan Sholik


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