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Tips for Greener Photography: Mulch Marketing 201


Presenting Yourself as an Eco-Friendly Photographer

By Whitney Elizabeth

As photographers and business owners, we are constantly looking for ways to produce eye-catching promotional pieces that strengthen your brand. When considering which promotional products to purchase, consider the impact your products will have on the environment. Begin with the following questions:

  • Is the product a useful, reusable product or will it be quickly discarded?
  • What will your client do when they are finished using the product you have given them? Is it recyclable?
  • Where is the product made?
  • Does the product fit in with your branding and mission statement?

Buying promotional products that do not portray your brand appropriately can be negative for your business. Here are some ideas for unique promotional items that will have a reduced environmental impact and will support your branding as an eco-friendly photographer.

Reusable and Useful

Giving your clients something they will use and re-use is an effective promotion. Here are some ideas:

Branded Water Bottles

Kleen Kanteen (
Green Bottle (
Sigg (

Branded bags and apparel

Casad Promotional Products  ( —look for recycled plastic, organic cotton, recycled cotton and hemp)
Corporate Casuals (

Branded Personal gifts
Vintage Body Spa ( —natural, paraben-free spa products with your message on the label)

Branded Media (Skip the disposable disks)
Woody Bamboo Flash Drives (

Non-branded Gifts That Speak to Who You Are

Food and Beverage
Organic Wine
Locally-made gourmet specialty foods such as artisan chocolates

Cards to celebrate a personal occasion
Give-A-Tree Cards (

Handmade Gifts (
Natural toys/gifts from a local boutique (Great opportunity to network with other local, green businesses)


Corn Plastic Items: IAS Promotes (

Every purchase we make has an environmental cost. You can lessen the environmental impact of your promotional products by choosing wisely. Greater demand for earth-friendly products also helps fuel supply of more product choices. Think through your options, search out creative, greener products, and strengthen your brand as an eco-friendly photographer.

Whitney Elizabeth is a portrait and wedding photographer in Santa Barbara, Calif.