Seeking Reader Input: Photo Industry Inventors

Professional Photographer magazine is planning an article that takes a look at the innovators among us. Men and women who were photographers first have invented some of the handiest and inspiring gadgets and gear that we use today—people like Lensbaby inventor Craig Strong, camera bag creator Jim Domke, and Jean-François O'Kane, who patented the PhotoMasterTarget.

Do you know an inventor you'd like to recommend for our story, or love a particular product and would like to know more about who came up with the idea? We're looking for living inventors who were photographers when they conceived their innovation. Let us know about it in our comments below.


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Peter Bradshaw:

Inventors -- lighting (still pertinent in the digital age)

Certainly you should include Gary Regester (Chimera, Plume, etc.)

And from older times, Ross Lowell, Harold Edgerton, Dick Bally (Balcar) and Lino Manfrotto, Don Norwood (modern light meter)

Peter Bradshaw:

Printing -- Dr. Harry Bowers, who gave us inkjet printing. See A giant.

Gary Fong invented the Light Sphear for difusing on camera flash and improved it with newer and better ones. He has several inventions to his credit, all dealing with photography for all levels.

As Peter Bradshaw pointed out:

Gary Regester of Chimera nd Plume, ltd.

Ross Lowell of Lowel Lights.

Also: Tom Knoll (Photoshop)

Phillipe Vogt and his son MArtin of Arca-Swiss (large format cameras for film and digital use, alsoPhillipe vastly improved ball type tripod heads with the introduction of the B type Arca-Swiss monoballs which have a uniquely shaped elliptically shaped ball.

Peter Peregrine of Lightware

OK, a bit lighter than the previous ones:

- The nasty clamp by Matt monroe:
- Trade secret cards by Zeke K:

John Slaughter:

Another vote for Thomas and John Knoll.

Mac Holbert and Graham Nash of Nash Editions for pretty much putting fine art ink jet printing on the map in the early 1990s.


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