Supplement: Light Modifier Image Examples

By Ron Eggers

Innovative commercial light modifiers and huge technological advances have vastly improved on-camera flash. Ranging from simple reflectors to light channeling devices to sophisticated diffusers and mini soft boxes, these modifiers give you considerable control over the quality, temperature, direction and shape of light. Many of them can be used to simulate studio lighting techniques. Some modify light subtly, others dramatically.

Click through to view additional samples of light modification using the products mentioned in the June issue of Professional Photographer magazine: ExpoImaging Honl Photo Speed System, LumiQuest ProMax System, Sto-Fen Omni Bounce, Presslite VerteX, and Gary Fong's Lightsphere Universal.

These images are composed to show the area where light from the modified flash begins to fall off. Click any image for a larger view.

All images ©Ron Eggers; model Emily Delgado

ExpoImaging Honl Photo Speed System


Above: Honl Snoot in spotlight configuration


Honl Above: Honl Snoot slightly opened


LumiQuest ProMax System


Above: LumiQuest ProMax with translucent diffuser


Above: LumiQuest ProMax with 80/20 attachment


Above: LumiQuest ProMax with gold back


Above: LumiQuest ProMax with silver back


Above: LumiQuest ProMax with white back


Sto-Fen Omni Bounce


Above: Sto-Fen Omni Bounce


Presslite VerteX


Above: Presslite VerteX with white insert


Above: Presslite VerteX with mirror insert

Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal


Above: Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal with amber dome


Above: Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal with chrome dome


Above: Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal with 1/2 Cloud Diffuser

All images ©Ron Eggers; model: Emily Delgado


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