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Pro Review: MOO Cards Make Marketing Fun

By Kim Larson

Professional Photographer magazine asked Kim Larson to try MOO products and report on her customer experience.

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I had wanted to try out some products from MOO, makers of custom business cards, MiniCards, notecards and such, and this was my first time ordering from them. Their website is simple and easy to follow, and so is the ordering process.

I decided to try both the 28x70mm MiniCards and the 16-pack of Notecards*. Since Moo has a relatively small selection of products, it was easy to find the products I needed to order, and even easier to upload the photos for the cards. Although the site allows you to choose photos from a flickr account, I opted to upload the files from my own computer. The uploading went really fast, especially considering that I uploaded a total of about 70 medium-resolution photos.

What I really like about the Moo products is that you can have a different photo on each one, meaning that when I ordered 100 Mini Cards, I could have selected 100 different photos to print. If you don’t submit 100 photos, it will duplicate photos that you’ve already uploaded. Since I only uploaded 70 photos, it duplicated the first 30 photos I uploaded so I’d have a total of 100 cards. I selected 16 different photos for the 16-pack of Notecards. After uploading, you are given the option to move and crop your photos, and it will give you a warning if your photos are too low-res (format guidelines).

All images ©Kim Larson

I was a little disappointed that the MiniCards only allow you to vary the photo side of the cards. For the other side, you are given the option to print up to 6 lines of text. But at least you have a few font and color options for the text. You could add one of 10 pre-defined icons to this side, but chose not to. The business cards have more options for the second side, but they still all have to be the same.

Once my order had been submitted, I received notification from the “Little MOO” automated software that my order had been shipped. I ordered on a Tuesday afternoon and received the shipping notice for both items Thursday morning. Because the items come from the UK, the MOO website says to expect delivery in 5-10 business days. There is no tracking number for the shipment. I happened to receive my order in 6 business days, and for having to travel from the UK to rural Wisconsin, I was quite impressed.

I have nothing to complain about the quality of the cards. The MiniCards arrived in a sturdy plastic box. The printing and color is acceptable, and both the MiniCards and NoteCards were thicker cardstock than I expected. The NoteCards arrived with envelopes that were acceptable quality as well.

©Kim Larson

The NoteCards have a flap to fold that makes the product stand on its own, and I was a bit worried that I would fold it crooked. But the paper is actually scored so finely that it’s hard to see it, so it’s really easy to get a straight fold. I can imagine it would be easy to tear off this flap if you want to display the card in another way. They are worthy of putting on a shelf for display!

If you’re going to be reselling MOO products as a photographer, the notecards do have “” printed on the back of them. The MiniCards do not have any reference to MOO at all.

Overall I am very satisfied with the products and the MOO service.  The MiniCards are so cute I just want to plaster them all over town! I think they’ll be great for hanging on the poster-boards that businesses display in their entries. And I’ll be placing them in a cute candy-dish in my entry as well, they look like little candy business cards!


MiniCards: $19.99 (100-card pack)
Business Cards: $21.99 (50-card pack)
Postcards: $19.99 (20-card pack)
Greeting Cards: $24.99 (10-pack)
NoteCards: $21.99 (16-pack)

*MOO NoteCards are only available from MOO's European store. MOO has only recently launched in the USA, and currently only offers its core products. If you are in the U.S. you can still buy from the European Store, but switching stores will empty your USA store basket of any items or orders you've added so far.