Camera Straps: Make a Statement

By Don Chick, M.Photog.Cr., CPP

Does your camera strap simply hold your camera around your neck and advertise for the company that manufactured your camera? There is an alternative to the generic strap, an alternative to looking like everyone else who owns your camera brand, there is a way to make a personal statement with your strap.

I met Aaron Willcox of RileyG Designworks during my travels back in February. I could tell that he was a photographer so I asked him about what he did for work. We chatted a bit about his photography then he mentioned that he also creates custom-made camera straps. 

Photo ©Don Chick

Willcox, a stay-at-home dad, takes his young son, Riley, out seeking materials to turn into what his website advertises as “eco-friendly and stylish camera straps.” Some of these materials (leather and fabric) while still in excellent condition, are “extra pieces” that would otherwise be headed for the landfill. With a little effort, Aaron and Riley are able to retrieve and reuse these perfectly good materials and create something that is both functional and beautiful. Some of the materials going into the straps are even a bit exotic, like leather from an old Porsche. What a cool idea!

Willcox sent me a couple straps to check out for this article. Not only are they beautifully crafted, but they also have extremely durable construction. You can feel the quality! These straps have a cool look you’ll be proud to wear and designs that won’t go out of style. As the iPod became to mp3 players, so are these camera straps primed to become something of a status symbol.

The clips allow you to quickly change from one strap or camera to another. You could own several RileyG straps and simply attach the style and design appropriate for the occasion you’re going to attend.

With so much of our goods being mass produced today and most of that on foreign shores, it’s refreshing to have an opportunity to see a quality product that is hand crafted right here in the USA. Willcox’s limited edition camera straps are not only each a one-of-a-kind piece of art, but also they are an innovative way of going green. To see more of Aaron’s creations check out his website at

Photo ©Don Chick



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Great article. Camera straps are such a personal item for a professional photographer. It displays the individuality of the photographer. Thanks for the insight!


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