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Overcoming the drawbacks of infrared wireless systems, the new RadioPopper PX can be an extension of your wireless flash, and your creativity. Mike Fulton and the crew at TriCoast Photography provided great information about how they use the RadioPoppers and what a difference they make in our January issue of Professional Photographer magazine. Here are some more examples of behind-the-scenes and the final results.

Behind the scenes:

Cody Clinton is shooting and Cindy Williams acts as the lighting assistant at this "Day After" session on a Florida beach. The sun is coming in from the left to right across the subjects’ face, so the lightstick is being used as a fill light to even out the shadows. In the final result, the very shallow depth of field is thanks to the High Speed Sync settings—something you can only get using this method and part of what makes the TriCoast photographers prefer it to PocketWizards.

Final image ©TriCoast Photography:

Behind the scenes:

In this portrait, Cody’s creative ingenuity as the “spider monkey” of TriCoast Photography comes into play. He’s standing on the back of the chair, using only the artifical light of the lightstick.

Final image ©TriCoast Photography:

TriCoast Photography team: Mike Fulton, Cody Clinton, Jordan Chan, Suzy Roberts and Cindy Williams.

Mike Fulton and Cody Clinton of TriCoast Photography present “Wireless Flash Tips and Tricks” at Imaging USA in Phoenix, Jan. 11-13.


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Comments (4)

We've all been waiting for Radiopoppers. Nice pictures but I'd love to know if Mike is shooting weddings in cargo shorts or was this pre-wedding shoot.
Thanks for this insight on poppers and TriCoast.

Nice setup, easier than dragging heavy strobes along...

What an images! I therefore conclude that this site is good for couples. Thanks for the information.

Rex Larsen:

T-shirt,Shorts, and bare feet near the bride's face. The light better be good.


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