Video Review: OnOne Software FocalPoint

By Joan Sherwood, Senior Editor

OnOne Software recently released FocalPoint, a new  plug-in for Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements that makes it quick and easy to add selective focus and vignetting effects to your images.

OnOne has done an outstanding job of giving new users plenty of help in understanding how to use their plug-ins. There are pages of video software tutorials, including an in-depth introduction to FocalPoint, and a page with a video demo of each Focal Point feature.

Launch includes a simple step-by-step how-to that walks you through the basic functions. You can turn that off when you don't need it any more. 

This is a great plug-in if you want to incorporate selective focus and vignetting effects. It's priced at $159.95, and you can try it out first with a free 30-day trial version.

Here I've created a QuickTime movie demonstration for you just to show FocalPoint in action and demonstrate how easy it is to use. I'm using a photo I took of my niece and her new husband last Thanksgiving. 

Click on the image below to play. (QuickTime, 02:57)



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I downloaded the trial version but couldn't get it to work. OnOne suggested upgrading my graphics card, which I did with one that has 512mb of RAM. But I still can't get the software to open correctly. OnOne has no solution. I have 2GB of RAM on my Dell XPS and a second, 250GB scratch disk dedicated to Photoshop. Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

The OnOne Knowledge Base online has an entry for FocalPoint that looks like it might address your problem.


Thank you for your input. After several weeks of trial and error, Dell updated my video card drivers (in spite of the fact that their video card was brand new), after which FocalPoint suddenly sprung to life, and now works perfectly. Best of all, OnOne software offered me a free copy of FocalPoint in compensation for my troubles.
Here's a company that believes in customer satisfaction!


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