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Nation-wide David Jay Tour to Reveal Secrets of Freedom and Success

David Jay and guests will showcase successful solutions to improve photographers' marketing, workflow, and product fulfillment in "Free To Succeed" tour

Press Release—David Jay, joined by special guests including Jasmine Star, will host one-day training sessions for wedding photographers to offer proven techniques to reach greater business success in less time. Backed by Showit, Adobe, and Couture Book, these training sessions will also reveal powerful tools to improve marketing, streamline workflow, and improve quality and efficiency in product fulfillment.

After being named one of the top 15 Wedding Photojournalists in the world by the WPJA and the #1 Portrait photographer in the world, David Jay created a wedding business that gave him freedom and fulfillment and now he's sharing his secrets with others. David was the first photographer to use a "FreeStyle" approach to marketing while using a "Hands-Free" workflow that allowed him to grow a business charging $15,000 per wedding and shooting weddings all over the world, all in less than four years.

The training sessions will last a half day and will cover the following topics:

• Freedom Packet - David Jay's step-by-step formula on how to set up your business in a way that serves you.
• Three P's of Pricing - How to ensure your pricing structure doesn't put you out of business in the years to come.
• FreeStyle Marketing - Tested techniques used by the top industry leaders that will gain you credibility and get you the dollars you deserve - fast!
• Scale yourself with Webonomics - Creating your unique web identity with the powerfully simple Showit Sites to get yourself in front of thousands of clients!
• Lightroom 2.0 - Be the first to see how to use the power of Lightroom 2.0 and "Find and Fix" correcting to edit your weddings in less than two hours!
• The Final Product - Providing your client with the revolutionary new Couture Book without lifting a finger!

The "Free to Succeed" tour will span three months and hit 21 cities in 16 states across the U.S.

Jul 29, 2008   Houston, TX
Jul 30, 2008   Austin, TX
Jul 31, 2008   Dallas, TX
Aug 3, 2008   Phoenix, AZ
Aug 4, 2008   San Diego, CA
Aug 6, 2008   Los Angeles, CA
Aug 7, 2008   Santa Barbara, CA
Aug 11, 2008   San Francisco, CA
Aug 13, 2008   Salt Lake City, UT
Aug 14, 2008   Denver, CO
Aug 18, 2008   Kansas City, KS
Aug 19, 2008   Chicago, IL
Aug 21, 2008   Indianapolis, IN
Aug 25, 2008   New York City, NY
Aug 26, 2008   Boston, MA
Aug 28, 2008   Washington D.C.
Sep 2, 2008   Charolette, NC
Sep 3, 2008   Charleston, SC
Sep 4, 2008   Orlando, FL
Sep 8, 2008   Atlanta, GA
Sep 9, 2008   Nashville, TN


Attendees will receive over $500 in savings including $100 off of Showit Web, $30 off of Lightroom 2.0, and 30% off of a Couture Book. Attendees at each location will also have a shot at winning free gear and software.

The cost to attend is $99 per person.

Special guests will include noted wedding photographers including Jasmine Star (in select cities). Jasmine has been a wedding photographer for just over a year, and has already experienced huge success, booking 36 wedding in her first year. Members of the Showit development team will also be in attendance to answer questions and offer technical (and moral) support for Showit software and services.