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Product Review: Shootsac Lens Bag

By Karen Linsley 

Advertised with the tag line “form meets function,” the Shootsac is not a camera bag, but more of a lightweight carry case for lenses and other accessories.  

At a recent wedding, I used it to carry a spare flash card holder, spare batteries for a flash unit, an extra lens, a light meter and a Quantum Battery Pack, plus some little extra odds and ends that I usually carry in a pocket or fanny pack. The battery pack didn’t stay in the bag long, as it gets attached to a Q-flash off camera, but I wanted to see how the bag felt with all that equipment in it. After a while it got heavy and put unwanted strain on my shoulders, which defeated the purpose of leaving the bigger, heavier camera bag at the DJ table to wander around freely. But after taking the battery pack out, the Shootsac worked quite nicely. I didn’t have all that stuff creating bulk in my pockets, nor did I have the extra bulk in my pockets or the fanny pack.


The bag’s neoprene material hugged my body, and the adjustable strap felt quite comfortable after lightening the load by taking out the battery pack. The bag measures approximately 17 x 9 inches and comes in basic black, retailing at a pretty pricey $179. You can add your own special touch to the bag by ordering a cover, called a True Color. There are currently 18 different covers on the Web site, ranging from $29 to $69. The cover attaches to the bag with a strip of Velcro. The True Color makes the bag look nice when you transport it, but you'll have the flap turned over when you’re using it in the heat of the moment to allow access to the pockets, which means your true colors don’t show when you’re working.

Although the Web site does have images of men wearing the bag, this bag looks like something a woman would wear; I have a hard time imagining that a man would be comfortable sporting a bag in this style.

You can check out the Shootsac and True Colors at They have a convenient online shopping cart as well.

Karen Linsley, CPP, is located in South Lake Tahoe, California. Her studio specializes in weddings and portraits.