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Posing and Lighting to Flatter Your Subject

Please enjoy this bonus for Professional Photographer magazine readers, a free lighting lesson from Web Photo School.

By Norman Haughey, Web Photo School Contributor 

The impact and success of a portrait can be the result of lighting, composition, body language, lens choice, camera angle, clothing, color, texture or even luck. With a few portrait techniques, your luck will improve dramatically. There are many stylistic methods which can make a photographer's work a little unique and help your own style develop over time.

In this lesson, I will merely try to pass on some basic tips that will bring immediate positive results to your photography.

Many of the techniques shown are subtle and require only a slight adjustment to the subject to create a more pleasing and natural representation. I will touch on some common techniques to affect the viewer’s impression of the subject's personality.

Topics Covered:

  • Facial Analysis
  • Double Chins
  • Narrow Lighting
  • Broad Lighting
  • Split Lighting
  • Profile
  • Masculine & Feminine Pose
  • Eye Problems
  • Glasses Glare
  • Portrait Lens Choice
  • Expression

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