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Jill-e Designs Introduces Photo Retail Partners

Stores Big and Small Now Offer Photo Accessories ‘Designed by Women for Women’

Press Release—jill-e designs, maker of camera bags and other photo accessories for the professional and advanced amateur female photographer, has introduced a national network of photo retailers, Web sites and catalog houses now carrying its high-quality, high-style products that appeal to the heightened sense of fashion women enjoy while delivering the rugged functionality serious female photographers require.

The company’s wide array of sturdy, sassy camera bags and versatile lens cleaning cloths can now be found at the following retail locations: 

Adorama, New York City
Apertures, Tulsa, Okla.
Baker Photo & Video, Yukon, Okla.
Cal’s Camera, Newport Beach, Calif.
Calumet Photographic, 10 locations across the U.S. 
The Camera Werks, Providence, R.I.
Crick Camera Shop, Kansas City, Mo.
Dan’s Camera, Allentown, Pa. 
Dodd Camera, 5 stores in metro Cleveland, Ohio
Heather Fritz Photography, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont.
Jack’s Camera, Muncie, Ind.
Keeble & Shuchat Photography, Palo Alto, Calif.
Paul’s Photo, Torrance, Calif.
Pro Photo Supply, Portland Ore.
Ritz Camera, selected locations across the U.S.
Ritz Interactive,
Showcase, Atlanta, Ga.

More information about these retailers, including web site links, is available on the jill-e designs Web site.  jill- e designs Owner/Partner Jill Dorn said more retailers are being added on a regular basis.
“The response to our product line has been nothing short of breathtaking,” Dorn said. “Virtually every female photographer who carries a camera bag, attaches a neck strap to her camera, uses a cloth to clean her lenses, or places her clients’ or her own pictures in frames for viewing has been largely limited to black and brown, nylon and canvas. Products from jill-e designs, however, are designed by women for women, so they reflect both desirable aesthetics and needed functionality to offer female photographers the very best of both worlds. Our retail partners are seeing it the same way, and they’re eager to offer our bags and other accessories to their customers.”

Beyond Male-Oriented
jill-e designs employs designs, colors and materials that take essential photographic accessories far beyond the traditional male-oriented offerings, the company said. For example, professional camera bags typically have a large number of compartments and a large amount of padding on the inside to protect cameras and lenses, but they’re composed of nylon or canvas material on the outside—plus they’re utilitarian in appearance and usually black.

Camera bags from jill-e designs, on the other hand, employ the padding, protection and other attributes found in the best professional bags, but they’re created from materials such as leather and suede, designed with the flair of stylish purses and carry bags, and available in yellow, red and other fashionable colors.  They also incorporate features important to women, such as additional pockets and a detachable personal pouch.

“It’s our thoughtful combination of stylish form, professional function, and a lot of female sensibility and sass that makes all of the photographic accessories from jill-e designs so extraordinary … so that they meet the needs of the female professional or advanced amateur photographer,” Dorn said.

Additional products such as neck straps, picture frames and other accessories will be added over time to the jill-e designs Web site, as well as to the product offerings of jill-e designs’ retail partners, Dorn said.

About jill-e designs
jill-e designs, a new company owned and run by women, designs and sells accessory products specifically for the professional and advanced amateur female photographer. The company’s product portfolio emphasizes fashion and flair as well as “pro” functionality to satisfy both the aesthetic and performance needs of the serious female photographer. For information, contact jill-e designs at 1-888-HI-JILLE, or


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