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Great Output Seminar: Printing for Profitability in the Digital Darkroom

See how easy and beneficial it can be to use a wide-format inkjet printer in your photography studio. Learn how to reduce annual lab expenditures while gaining the flexibility to create new products and promote your work.

Brought to you by primary sponsors LexJet and Epson, the Great Output Seminar is designed to make in-studio printing easier, more efficient, and more profitable.

Instructor Tom Hauenstein will demonstrate his One and Done method of streamlining the production of professional-quality prints for your portrait, wedding, event, fine art, or commercial photography business.

Registration is only $49, and includes lunch, presentation and educational materials, giveaways, media samples, special sponsor discounts, and more. Great Output’s Printing for Profitability one-day seminars will be presented in 16 cities starting in September and running through February.

Miami, FL – Sept. 10
Charleston, SC – Sept. 17
Austin, TX – Sept. 24
Atlanta, GA – Sept. 26
Seattle, WA – Oct. 8
Denver, CO – Oct. 10
Phoenix, AZ – Oct. 22
Minneapolis, MN – Oct. 24
San Francisco, CA – Nov. 12
San Diego, CA – Nov. 14
Chicago, IL – Jan. 21, 2008
Kansas City, MO – Jan. 23
Richmond, VA – Feb. 11
Philadelphia, PA – Feb. 13
Boston, MA – Feb. 25
New York City, NY – Feb. 27

Visit the Great Output Seminar Tour for information on venues and the seminar schedule and to register online.

Who Should Attend
Whether you’re brand new to digital printing, or seeking to improve the productivity and print yields of your existing Epson, Canon, or HP printers, you’ll gain dozens of practical ideas that can measurably improve your studio’s bottom line.

What You'll Learn
1. How to choose and use the best tools for success
  • Evaluating Epson, Canon, and HP printers
  • Evaluating ImagePrint and other RIPs
  • Evaluating color calibration equipment, monitors, finishing equipment, time-saving software, and more

2. How to be as efficient as possible in the digital darkroom
  • Managing color, from capture to print
  • Reducing the time spent trimming, laminating, mounting, and framing
  • Using hardware and software to perform a majority of the work

3. How to keep your printer running constantly with proven marketing ideas
  • Ideas on different products you can offer your customer base
  • Ideas on how to enter new markets, and be successful doing so

You’ll come away with dozens of proven ideas for using prints to differentiate your studio and keep customers coming back for more.

Sponsors: LexJet, Epson, Oki Printing Solutions, AfterCapture, MorePhotos, Colorbyte Software, White Glove