Compositing Exposures to Light Architecture & Landscapes

Press ReleaseSoftware Cinema Training announces the release of Compositing Exposures to Light Architecture & Landscapes by author Bob Coates. In this CS3 Photoshop tutorial DVD, Coates highlights some of the new features that make extending the dynamic range of images through capture and blending multiple images of the same scene.

“It’s definitely made it easier for me to do my real estate photography,” says Coates. “With the new Align tool in Photoshop, it’s not the disaster it once was if the tripod gets bumped a little while capturing multiple exposures. Used to be if there was even a tiny movement of the pod, that meant extra time allotted to aligning the images in Photoshop in post-production. Now, it’s a breeze. I capture exposures from outside the window, in the shadows, tungsten lamps, flash and more, then blend them all together for a look the eye can see but the camera could never capture in just one exposure without a LOT of extra work on the site. It’s cool!”

These same techniques can also be used outdoors to capture landscapes. “Let’s face it,” says Coates, “the split-field neutral density filter can only do so much to get the exposure in the range the camera can capture. And, it doesn’t follow the curves of the mountains in the distance.” The DVD also includes a look at the updated Photomerge tool that works great for stitching together your panoramas. This and other CS3 Photoshop training disks and online training can be found at


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