Review Supplement: AlienBees ABR800 Ringflash

The many faces of ringflash

Images ©Stan Sholik

In the June issue of Professional Photographer, Stan Sholik reviewed the AlienBees ABR800 Ringflash. Included and optional light modifying accessories make this unit configurable in an impressive variety of ways. Here we present a visual showcase of many of its possible configurations.

The AlienBees Ringflash stripped down to its essentials, showing the two semi-circular flash tubes. ©Stan Sholik

The AlienBees Ringflash with diffuser/protective cover (Gels/Filters Set $29.95). ©Stan Sholik

The AlienBees Ringflash with diffuser/protective cover and reflector (included) attached. ©Stan Sholik

From the back, the controls for the AlienBees Ringflash are laid out in a very similar fashion to AlienBees monobloc lights. ©Stan Sholik

AlienBees Ringflash with Nikon D2X attached. ©Stan Sholik

The optional accessory Moon Unit ($59.95) with its circular mask (set $39.95) attached converts the AlienBees Ringflash into a thin circular softbox for use off-camera or to shoot through. (Moon Unit and Mask Set together $89.95) ©Stan Sholik

The accessory Moon Unit without its circular mask attached converts the AlienBees Ringflash into a shoot-through beauty light or an off-camera octobox. ©Stan Sholik

With the front diffuser removed, the accessory Moon Unit becomes a gold reflector for the ringflash, or a silver one if the fabric is reversed. ©Stan Sholik

The AlienBees Ringflash converts into a standard off-camera light with the use of the umbrella attachment supplied with the unit. ©Stan Sholik


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