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Beta test electronic copyright submission

The U.S. Copyright Office is accepting applications for beta testers to submit copyright registration applications and deposits using their new web-based system, electronic Copyright Office (eCO). By participating in the beta testing, volunteers will receive a reduced registration fee of $35. The Copyright Office plans to initiate beta testing on or after July 2, 2007.

Volunteers will be accepted on a first come first serve basis subject to the following criteria:

  • Type of work (visual art works, literary work, musical composition, etc.)
  • Type of deposit copy (hard copy or electronic)
  • File format (electronic deposit—mp3, jpeg, pdf, etc.)
  • File size (electronic deposit)
  • Frequency of registration
  • Published versus unpublished works
  • Individual versus company/organization
  • Type of payment

The Copyright Office anticipates their volunteer pool will begin with basic registration claims for literary works, visual arts works (including photographs), performing arts works, and sound recordings. Later the testing will expand to other types of registration, including group registration for published photographs.
The first group of selected participants will receive eCO system log-in information and instructions via email prior to the beta test launch date. Additional requesters will be invited to participate in later stages of eCO beta testing. Requesters not selected for eCO beta testing will receive email notification when eCO is released to the public later this year.

If you plan to register at least one claim in the coming months and would like to be considered for participation in eCO beta testing, visit and submit an application.