May mea culpa: Stroboframe PRO-RL correction

The May issue of Professional Photographer features a Product Close-up on flash brackets. With much embarrassment, we have found that the Stroboframe PRO-RL bracket was incorrectly oriented with the camera during our evaluation. The camera should have been mounted so that the hand grip was positioned in front of the camera, below the lens, not in back as the article states and shows in the product photos. Since reviewer Stan Sholik commented that the hand grip on the PRO-RL "takes a little getting used to," we'll try again, mounting the camera in the correct orientation this time, and provide our readers with a reevaluation as soon as possible here in Web Exclusives, and also in the print magazine. Our sincere apologies to Stroboframe and to Professional Photographer readers for the error.


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Bob Roberts:

Surely this wasn't the first time this has happened. Stroboframe would do well to document this more clearly, perhaps?


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