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Quantum introduces Mini Folding Softbox QF69 with Hot Spot Reducer

200703we_quantumqf69 Press ReleaseQuantum Instruments has introduced the Mini Folding Softbox QF69, allowing photographers to shoot up-close and personal without the worry of overexposing the subject. Replace the reflector of a Qflash 4d, 5d or 5d-R with the included Hot Spot Reducer and then slip on the Mini Folding Softbox QF 69 for very soft, diffused lighting.

The Mini Folding Softbox QF69 gives close to a 180-degree light spread for use with wide angle lenses. Its placement on the flash head of a Qflash 4d, 5d, or 5d-R allows for Automatic (using Qflash Sensor), Manual and TTL shooting modes with Qflash.

With the QF69 attached to a Qflash, you can mount this combination to a camera bracket or fasten it to an umbrella bracket for placement on a light stand. The QF69 folds up neatly into its carrying case for your convenience.

This new Mini Folding Softbox QF69joins the Qflash family of specialized reflectors that include 12x12 Softbox (QF68), Wide Angle Diffuser (QF67A), Bare Bulb Enhancers (QF62Bs/g), Telephoto/Portrait (QF63B) and Snoot (QF63B).