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Review Supplement: Epson Perfection V750-M Pro Scanner

By Ellis Vener

All images ©Ellis Vener

In the January issue of Professional Photographer, Ellis Vener reviewed the Epson Perfection V750-M Pro scanner with fluid-mount capability. Here you can download and examine the details of the standard and fluid-mount film scans as seen in the magazine review.

In this scan of 6x17cm Fujifilm Velvia film, I noted a higher overall contrast level, and tonal compression and corresponding loss of detail in the darker tones in the standard film holder scan. An increase in shadow detail and tonal separation are discernable in the wet-mount scan detail.

200701bc_v750m_fmt_sm 200701bc_v750m_stand_sm
Left: Detail of fluid-mount scan. Right: Detail of standard film holder scan. (Ctrl/right-click each image to download full size, 9.1MB each.) Photo ©Ellis Vener.

The original full-frame scan was made at 3,200ppi, 8-bit color depth. No tonal corrections were made in either the scanning software or Adobe Photoshop CS2. Both images were run through PixelGenius PhotoKit Sharpener capture and output sharpeners.