Audio interview with David DeJonge

The last photographer to take a formal portrait of former President Gerald R. Ford speaks with Professional Photographer

On January 8, 2007, Senior Editor Joan T. Sherwood spoke to photographer David DeJonge about photographing former President Gerald R. Ford during his visits to Grand Rapids, Mich. DeJonge also discusses his experience attending and photographing the ceremonies surrounding the arrival of Air Force One with the former president's remains and the interment ceremony at the Ford Presidential Museum.

The Ford family (foreground) observes as former President Ford's casket is transferred from Air Force One for the procession to his funeral services in East Grand Rapids, Mich., on January 2, 2007. Image ©David DeJonge

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Recorded January 8, 2007
Interviewer: Joan T. Sherwood
Recorded with the SanDisk Sansa e260. Edited with Apple Garage Band 3.
Some browsers may require RealPlayer.

Former President Gerald Ford on the occasion of his 90th birthday. ©David DeJonge

Former President Ford with close friend and former  U.S. Ambassador to Italy Peter Sacchia. ©David DeJonge


©David DeJonge


The last formal portrait of former President Gerald R. Ford, taken at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in 2003. ©David DeJonge


Mrs. Betty Ford, escorted by her son Jack Ford, left, and Army Major General Guy Swan III. ©David DeJonge


The flag that drapes President Ford's casket can be seen in shadow inside Air Force One, January 2, 2007. ©David DeJonge


Long lines formed to view the President in repose in Grand Rapids. ©David DeJonge


Braving frigid temperatures, the public came to light candles and leave tokens of memorial outside the Presidential Museum. ©David DeJonge


©David DeJonge


©David DeJonge


President Ford's remains lie in repose as the public pays their final respect at the Ford Presidential Museum. ©David DeJonge


After the funeral service, the president's casket was returned to the Ford Presidential Museum for a private interment service. ©David DeJonge


Press presence outside the Ford Presidential Museum. ©David DeJonge


From the press stand DeJonge documented Fox network's immediate return to regularly scheduled programming, "The Simpsons," at the close of the Ford interment ceremony. "I thought that was a very ironic thing about today's news and tomorrow's history," said DeJonge.  ©David DeJonge


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connie hegemann:

i miss Gerald Ford a lot.
I thought he was an excellent
president and his boyish good looks. its so good to see the pictures of him. He probably wasnt the dandiest golfer but he was fun. fun to watch, we need good laughs too. i hope to see them in heaven bye and bye


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