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Review Supplement: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi

By Ron Eggers

All images © Ron Eggers

In the December issue of Professional Photographer magazine, Ron Eggers reviewed the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi. Right-click or ctrl-click the images for a download of the full-resolution files at different ISO settings, as well as an example of a monochrome capture.

One of the things that always comes up with digital SLRs is low-light shooting, so, while in New York, I shot in Times Square at night and repeatedly captured the same scene, changing the ISO one stop each time, from 100 all the way to the maximum 1600. I wanted to see how much noise difference there really was. The shots themselves aren't noteworthy, but I tried to compose frames that included both bright and dark areas.

Caption: 1/13 second at f/3.5, ISO 100

Looking at the images at 200 percent on the screen, as would be expected, there is more noise in the higher ISO shots, but the difference been 100 and 400 was limited. More noise was noticeable at 800 ISO. It wasn't, however, until 1600 ISO that it became a real problem.

Caption: 1/40 second at f/4.0, ISO 400

Caption: 1/80 second at f/5.6, ISO 1600

I like the monochrome style, which somewhat has the characteristics of the old Tri-X, particularly when shooting in the higher ISO ranges.

Caption: 1/50 second at f/4.5, ISO 800