Using Umbrellas in High-Contrast Fashion Shoots

200611bc_wpsumbrella Professional Photographer magazine offers our readers free lighting tutorials from Web Photo School.

Using a softbox gives your subject the soft treatment, but sometimes you want more contrast. Because the umbrella is a bounced light the results have more punch. This lesson uses two Photoflex 45-inch umbrellas (the white ADW and silver ADH) and demonstrates the versatile look they can add to your photo shoot.

Topics Covered:

  • Advantages to the umbrella
  • Contrast comparison
  • Umbrella as a key light
  • LitePanel for fill
  • Lighting a background with an umbrella
  • Using an umbrella as a "split light"

Go to Using Umbrellas in High-Contrast Fashion Shoots at Web Photo School.

Web Photo School is a comprehensive photo-educational Web site with online lessons that are accessible via the Internet anywhere in the world, are self-paced and without limits on the number of lessons a user can view per month. When you become a Web Photo School member (by month or year), you get access to all the lessons. The WPS team has worked hard to achieve a balance between posting many photos in each lesson and maintaining a fast load time. In the coming months, WPS hopes to post a Review section where Members can post their images and get feedback from Instructors and other Members.

WPS has a team of contributing instructors who are mainly working professionals in their fields. The list currently includes Paul Markow, John Beckett, Steve Dantzig (author and Hawaii-based wedding/portrait photographer), Wyatt Dexter (recent graduate of Brooks Institute), Ric Deliantoni (commercial product photographer), Gene Kester (CEO of Photoflex and former San Francisco-based commercial photographer) and Ben Clay.

Visit the Web Photo School for more information.


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