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200611bc_sperlnov_02_1 Painterly Brushstrokes with a Click

By Karen Sperling

Corel Painter IX.5's Auto-Painting palette in the Window menu has many useful tools for turning photos into paintings. One technique for using the Auto-Painting palette is to deselect all the boxes under Randomness and then paint with the Artists’ Sargent brush.

Photo ©2006 Felicia Tausig
Painting ©2006 Karen Sperling


I leave the Pressure slider as is. The Length slider determines how long the brush strokes are. The Rotation slider determines the direction in which the strokes are painted. The Brush Size slider determines their width as a percentage of the setting in the Size slider in the Property Bar.

By adjusting the Length, Rotation and Brush Size sliders manually, running Auto-Painting, stopping it, adjusting the sliders, and running Auto-Painting some more, the brush strokes begin to build up in a painterly way.

Click the arrow in the Auto-Painting palette to run Auto-Painting. Click the red button in the palette or anywhere in the image to stop it.


Artist, author and photographer Karen Sperling is the original Painter expert. She wrote the manuals for the first several versions of Painter, authored several Painter books, has had many Painter tutorials published in magazines and has taught Painter to artists and photographers at movie companies, design firms, universities and at PPA affiliates and schools. This tip is included in the October 2006 issue of Artistry Tips and Tricks, which has all the steps for turning the photo into a painting in the style of Edgar Degas. Learn Karen Sperling's Painter techniques in person in southern California at the Artistry Corel Painter Retreat January 29-31, 2007. Visit for details.

Photo ©2006 Felicia Tausig
Painting ©2006 Karen Sperling


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Is it or how is it possible to do the Auto- Paint in Corel 8?


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