Documentary photographer Colin Finlay shares lighting techniques

Press Release—Kingston Technology's ‘Icons of Photography’ Web site this month features award-winning documentary photographer Colin  Finlay, offering tips on making the most of existing lighting. “As a photojournalist I’ve learned to use whatever is available to me to capture my images—this includes lighting. I rarely have the luxury of bringing portable strobes on assignments, even my commercial advertising jobs,” Finlay notes. “Keeping the lighting simple is something I always tell students, whether in the studio or on location. Doing this minimizes complications and forces you to look at your subjects from varying angles and perspectives. Many of my best shots were produced because I was forced to move around a subject and change my perspective; the light was stationary and I was the one that needed to move. It is a great exercise and one I am constantly sharing with students.”


Kingston recognizes the importance of educating and informing photographers of all levels and is proud to offer its Icons of Photography, an online forum showcasing the talents and seasoned advice from several of the world’s most respected lens artists. Each month the program spotlights an icon and their suggestions for taking better pictures, managing image files and improving workflow, plus their techniques for getting the most from camera and gear. ‘Try it yourself’ tips suitable for enthusiast through pro are revealed. 

Kingston will profile a photographer and their tips, plus provide a gallery of images, calendar of events, and biography around the 15th of each month. Site visitors can read more at  Other Kingston Icons of Photography include: Harry Benson, Barbara Bordnick, Douglas Kirkland, Gerd Ludwig, Peter Read Miller and Chris Rainier.


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