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November 1, 2006

Review Supplement: Nikon D2Xs

In the November issue of Professional Photographer magazine, Ellis Vener reviewed the Nikon D2Xs. Right-click/cntrl-click on the image and Save Link As to download a full-resolution detail of the portrait published in the magazine.


File info: Nikon D2Xs and 80-200mm f/2.8D AF-Nikkor; 100% resolution crop at 300ppi; studio portrait of Catherine Menes, September 2006; original NEF Image processed in Nikon Capture NX and Adobe Photoshop CS2 using Photokit Expert Capture Sharpener. Lighting: Profoto Acute 2R system and Chimera softboxes. ©2006 Ellis Vener

Review: Digital Foci Picture Porter Elite

High Capacity Portable Storage and More

By Ron Eggers

Portable storage devices are becoming more sophisticated all the time. Recently, I've been playing with Digital Foci's Picture Porter Elite, an 80GB portable unit that can handle all the storage requirements of just about any high volume professional photographer. But it's more that just a portable storage devices, it's a full entertainment center and MP3 player, making it an indispensable carry-along item. I took it on a two-week trip to Europe, and was able to shoot as much as I wanted, without having to be concerned about how much storage space I have left. All the while I had the audio and video entertainment that I needed and wanted right in my camera bag.


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Using Umbrellas in High-Contrast Fashion Shoots

200611bc_wpsumbrella Professional Photographer magazine offers our readers free lighting tutorials from Web Photo School.

Using a softbox gives your subject the soft treatment, but sometimes you want more contrast. Because the umbrella is a bounced light the results have more punch. This lesson uses two Photoflex 45-inch umbrellas (the white ADW and silver ADH) and demonstrates the versatile look they can add to your photo shoot.

Topics Covered:

  • Advantages to the umbrella
  • Contrast comparison
  • Umbrella as a key light
  • LitePanel for fill
  • Lighting a background with an umbrella
  • Using an umbrella as a "split light"

Go to Using Umbrellas in High-Contrast Fashion Shoots at Web Photo School.

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Review Supplement: Nikon Capture NX

In the November issue of Professional Photographer magazine, Herb Paynter reviewed Nikon Capture NX.  Here we present information in a sidebar on U Point technology and control points, and additional images.

U Point Technology and Control Points

This fresh new approach to image editing (which is licensed from Nik Software) allows the user to modify specific areas of an image without having to make selections (lasso, magic wand, etc.) or build and set masks. Each modification area is controlled by a Swiss Army Knife-type tool array called a Control Point. Control Points are stamp-size moveable tool hubs that contain multiple interactive mini-sliders (Area of influence, Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Red, Green, Blue, and Warmth).

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Painter tips from Karen Sperling

200611bc_sperlnov_02_1 Painterly Brushstrokes with a Click

By Karen Sperling

Corel Painter IX.5's Auto-Painting palette in the Window menu has many useful tools for turning photos into paintings. One technique for using the Auto-Painting palette is to deselect all the boxes under Randomness and then paint with the Artists’ Sargent brush.

Photo ©2006 Felicia Tausig
Painting ©2006 Karen Sperling


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Tutorial: Digital Infrared and Hand Coloring for Portraits

200611bc_handfinishlg Give your portrait an infrared look with delicate digital hand painting (includes downloadable Photoshop action and Flash tutorial)

By Gavin Phillips

I've always been intrigued by the melancholy beauty of certain photographs shot with infrared. The only issue is you either have to convert a digital camera to shoot infrared or use infrared film. This is both cumbersome and costly. Enter Photoshop.

Whilst researching infrared techniques in Photoshop, I found many that worked well replicating infrared for landscapes, but not with portraits. After much experimentation, I created an action that has the speed of an 'action' along with the ability to customize crucial steps, so photographers can tweak it to suit their own photographs.

Photos ©Peter Roberts

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November 2, 2006

2006 O’Reilly Photoshop Cook-Off Winners Announced

O'Reilly Media announced today the winners of the Photoshop Cook-Off Contest at PhotoPlus Expo 2006. Grand Prize Winner Suzanne Pitts and 10 additional winners in five categories were selected from hundreds of submissions created by Photoshop aficionados.

"What's so wonderful about the Cook-Off contest is that everyone's a winner," says Betsy Waliszewski, who organized the contest along with Cookbooks editor Edie Freedman. "The O'Reilly recipes used to manipulate the images stirred the creative visions of photographers at all levels, from enthusiasts to seasoned professionals."

A panel of 15 A-list photographers chose the winning entries. The winning images range from Pitts' arresting black-and-white photo of a ballet trio to a fancifully surreal image of a flower budding from a peeled orange.

©Suzanne Pitts

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November 7, 2006

Correction: Ted Saylor Custom Cases

Professional Photographer magazine inadvertently left out a digit in the phone number for Ted Saylor Custom Cases in the Product Closeups on page 46 of the November 2006 issue. The number is 352-568-8888. Below is the brief in its entirety.

Hailed for excellent quality, TED SAYLOR CUSTOM CASES need no exterior straps. These case are constructed of hardcore vinyl with protective aluminum on all corners, foam padding lining the interior, finger holes to make print removal easier, a built-in carry handle and positive-twist, no-key locking. 16x20x4: $195; 20x24x4: $215; 24x30x4: $265; Album cases: $215. 352-568-8888


November 14, 2006

Adobe releases Camera Raw and DNG Converter 3.6

Press Release—Adobe Systems Incorporated has updated the Camera Raw plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS2, extending RAW file support to 13 additional camera models. Available as a free download from the Adobe Web site, the Camera Raw 3.6 plug-in builds on the RAW file support integrated in Photoshop CS2 for digital cameras.

With this update, Camera Raw and DNG Converter 3.6 now support more than 140 different cameras from 14 manufacturers. New cameras supported include Canon EOS 400D (Rebel XTi/EOS Kiss Digital X), Fuji FinePix S6000fd, Fuji FinePix S9100/9600, Leica D-LUX 3, Leica Digilux 3, Leica V-LUX 1, Nikon D80, Olympus E400, Olympus SP-510 UZ, Panasonic DMC-LX2, Pentax K100D, Pentax K110D and Samsung GX-1L.

The Adobe Camera Raw 3.6 plug-in requires Photoshop CS2, Photoshop Elements 3.0, Photoshop Elements 4.0 and Photoshop Elements 5.0. The plug-in is available as a free download on the Adobe Web site at www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/cameraraw. The updated Adobe DNG Converter is also available as a free download at www.adobe.com/dng.

November 15, 2006

Visual Aids #003: This holiday season, take stock

200611bc_bglenn When nothing seems to be going right, it’s easy to lose your perspective. When you’re stressed out, says Burnie Glenn, CPP, let yourself float for awhile. You might not be a world-famous photographer, but remind yourself that what you do is important to the people you photograph, Glenn says. “Sometimes it takes a blow to the head with a celestial two-by-four to get the message that it’s time to move on and find something better.” It’s a matter of attitude and faith in yourself, he adds. “The Titanic was built by professionals; Noah’s ark was built by amateurs.”

Burnie Glenn, a past president of the Dallas Professional Photographers Association, and his wife, Marcia, own and operate Glenn’s Photo Studio, specializing in weddings and portraits, in Dallas, Texas.

Image ©Burnie Glenn

Documentary photographer Colin Finlay shares lighting techniques

Press Release—Kingston Technology's ‘Icons of Photography’ Web site this month features award-winning documentary photographer Colin  Finlay, offering tips on making the most of existing lighting. “As a photojournalist I’ve learned to use whatever is available to me to capture my images—this includes lighting. I rarely have the luxury of bringing portable strobes on assignments, even my commercial advertising jobs,” Finlay notes. “Keeping the lighting simple is something I always tell students, whether in the studio or on location. Doing this minimizes complications and forces you to look at your subjects from varying angles and perspectives. Many of my best shots were produced because I was forced to move around a subject and change my perspective; the light was stationary and I was the one that needed to move. It is a great exercise and one I am constantly sharing with students.”


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November 16, 2006

Nikon announces compact 6.1-megapixel D40

200611bc_nikond40_1 Features an all-new, visually intuitive interface, in-camera editing and built-in help features; around $599.95 with a 3X Zoom-Nikkor lens

Press Release
Nikon today unveiled its new D40, the latest addition to its comprehensive line of digital SLR cameras. Designed to bring the picture performance, excitement and experience of Nikon’s digital SLR cameras to more customers than ever before, the D40 is an ultra-compact, lightweight 6.1-effective megapixel D-SLR that offers simplified new features, exceptional speed and a redesigned, visually-intuitive menu system that brings consumers a whole new level of simplicity in a digital SLR.  The D40 also incorporates handling and performance advantages that eliminate the frustrations often associated with compact digital cameras, making it ideal for anyone who wants to capture spectacular digital pictures without complication. 

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November 17, 2006

Fujichrome Velvia 50 is back

Press Release—Fujifilm has announced plans to re-introduce an ISO 50 Fujichrome Velvia professional film, tentatively named Velvia II. Fujichrome Velvia (RVP 50) was the first high color saturation, high contrast transparency E-6 compatible film when it was introduced in 1990 and was a favorite among photographers. Its discontinuation was announced last year due to difficulties in procuring some of the raw materials used to produce the emulsion.

“Since we announced the discontinuation of Velvia 50, we have been inundated with requests from photographers worldwide to continue production,” said Christian Fridholm, Director of Marketing, Picture Taking, Imaging Division, Fujifilm USA. “They had used Velvia for many years and consider it unmatched in terms of quality and character. One of Fujifilm’s main priorities is to nurture the culture of photography, so we took those requests very seriously.”

As a result, Fujifilm research and development teams have developed substitute raw materials and new manufacturing technologies that enable the company to restart production. The new film is expected to be available in late spring 2007. The characteristics of the new emulsion will mirror that of the previous product.

“We are pleased to, once again, demonstrate our commitment to photographic film and to our photographer customers,” concluded Fridholm. Specific details, including naming, pricing and shipment dates will be announced when they become available. 

Olympus E-System slates successor to E-1 in 2007

Press Release—Olympus intends to introduce a successor to its Olympus E-1 "designed-for-digital" SLR camera, launched in 2003. The Olympus E-System currently includes five camera bodies and 17 Zuiko Digital lenses. Olympus has stated that future plans include a flagship model aimed at working professionals.

Mock-up images of the new professional model have been released.

200611bc_olympuse07_1_1     200611bc_olympuse07_02_1

November 30, 2006

General Products changes name to GP Albums

Press Release—General Products L.L.C. has changed its company name to GP Albums. GP’s new name coincides with their aggressive focus on flush mount and digital offset albums along with their new extensive line of self-mount albums and folios.  As a manufacturer, GP Albums also has the ability to create custom photo packaging products upon request.

GP Albums is committed to providing professional photographers with the best high quality albums and folios, value added services and studio workflow solutions. For more information, please visit us at www.gpalbums.com or call 800-888-1934.

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