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Music for photographers

PPA constantly strives to increase and improve benefits for members, so we are excited to announce a great new find:, one of the best sources for emotional, lyric-based music for photographers.

This site is custom-built around the needs of photographers by allowing searches for music based on type of photography. For example, type in the words “portrait / child” and you’ll be directed to music specifically designed for families with young children. Looking for wedding music? Type in “wedding / ceremony” and you will get music written with the ceremony in mind.

The music on is high quality, and with the purchase of an affordable one-year license you maintain legal rights to use your chosen songs as many times as you want during that year. offers the best music solution we have been able to find. Not only is it affordable (plus PPA members receive a discount), it is also a member benefit that will enhance the value of your photographic services.

Finding a source for great music at an affordable price—just one more way PPA is providing you with tools to increase your profits and helping you to avoid legal pitfalls. And it’s just another part of the Value of Membership.

For more information and to sign-up visit