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Fisheye-Hemi Plug-in Reinvents Fisheye Image Correction

New company Image Trends, Inc. harnesses skills and knowledge of former Applied Science Fiction talent

Press Release—
Image Trends, the provider of innovative digital imaging tools, has announced the Fisheye-Hemi Plug-In. This Adobe Photoshop Plug-in filter renders an aesthetically pleasing and natural view of people. Human faces and bodies are natural and undistorted, even on the edges.  Fisheye-Hemi corrects the extreme distortion of people that is common with rectilinear methods. Fisheye-Hemi preserves more of the original resolution, displays the intended composition and framing as seen in the viewfinder, and straightens vertical lines.

200611bc_fisheyeorig 200611bc_fisheyerectiliniar

Left: original fish-eye lens capture; Right: typical rectilinear correction.


Above: Fisheye-Hemi image correction.

This Photoshop plug-in filter is optimized to be fully automatic with full-frame hemispheric fish-eye lens images. Full-frame fisheye is defined as conforming to the industry standard “equal area projection,” mounted on a camera, resulting in an image that covers 180 degrees diagonally. The use of Photoshop tools, as outlined on the Web site, will allow the user to create actions to automatically correct for other camera and lens combinations, such as legacy fish-eye lenses on APS sized DSLR sensors and fish-eye adapters on point-and-shoot cameras. Fisheye-Hemi creates an aesthetically pleasing and natural view of the image using this inventive mapping technology. 

The fish-eye lens provides a unique way of viewing the world. Fisheye-Hemi allows the photographer to use a fish-eye lens to photograph scenes that include people—like weddings, portraiture, sports and events—without fear of the unattractive bulbous look of an uncorrected fish-eye capture.

Image Trends has a try before you buy policy. Individuals are encouraged to download a free trial version (watermarks the image) from the Web site The Fisheye-Hemi Plug-In is available for secure purchase on-line for $29.95 US.

"When we put this company together our goal was to reassemble the core group of founders and employees of the former Applied Science Fiction Company, to utilize their vast knowledge and development skills in bringing inventive new imaging products to market," said Dan Sullivan, president and CEO of Image Trends, Inc. "This announcement confirms that this group can get a product to market quickly, launching our company into the realm of inventive digital imaging companies. This product is from the mind of our Chief Scientist, Dr. Albert Edgar, the holder of over 80 U.S. patents and the recipient of the PMDA Technical Achievement Award in 2003, and an accomplished wedding photographer. Fisheye-Hemi is the first of many new products that are planned for 2007 and beyond.”