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Capsule Review: "Window Seat" by Julieanne Kost

Windowseat_1 By Ellis Vener

"Window Seat: The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking," by Julieanne Kost, is one of the more profound Photoshop and photography related books I've seen in many years, yet has the least amount of technical content. The photographs are from Kost's collection of photographs made while on business trips over a five year period. As a mainstay in Adobe's Photoshop education program, Adobe Evangelist Kost is on the road "about 200 days" a year. While she has educated many thousands of photographers on Adobe's flagship software through  various Photoshop conferences, workshops, and a DVD series from Software Cinema), the real meat of her book is a plainspoken treatise on how to stay fresh and creative, even in the face of your fears or while mired in the prosaic grind of the workaday world.

The long appendix gathers straightforward details of using Photoshop to bring back to life what your brain perceived but the camera failed to adequately capture. (Cameras are really smart these days, but they aren't mind readers.)

"Window Seat: The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking"
Author: Julieanne Kost
Paperback: 152 pages
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Inc.
ISBN: 0596100833