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Microsoft acquires iView Multimedia

On Tuesday, June 27, iView Multimedia announced that it had been acquired by the Microsoft Corporation. iView Multimedia, a software development company, publishes iView MediaPro, a highly regarded and extremely flexible digital asset management program for photographers, which also happens to be very popular with Macintosh users.

According to a PR representative of iView, the company will move its development team from where the company began in London, England, to the home of Microsoft's headquarters, Redmond, Wash. Company founder and CEO Yan Calotychos will also move to Redmond, while marketing will continue to operate from London.

iView Multimedia has posted an FAQ page addressing questions about the acquisition, as well as a letter to customers from Calotychos.

iView's informal announcement states that, "iView is now in a position to build on the strengths of its industry-leading product, iView MediaPro, to strengthen customer service and support while taking its digital asset management to a new level."

Among the questions answered on the FAQ page are:

Why did Microsoft buy iView?
What are Microsoft’s plans for iView products?
What are Microsoft’s plans for the Macintosh versions of iView software?

From the open letter to customers from Yan Calotychos:

"What this acquisition will mean for you, our customers, is that together we face a bigger and brighter future in managing your creative workflow. The product that was born on the Mac will remain on the Mac as well as on the Windows operating system. All iView products will continue to be sold on the iView website and through our partners and channel. Bottom line: You all can continue to use and buy iView products knowing that they will be fully supported as Microsoft evolves the products in the future on both the Windows and Mac platforms."