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Face of Freedom, the 14 Days Project

200606bc_14days Press Release—In 2001 D. William Gibbons created the “14 Days Project,” also known as “The Face of Freedom,” to gain information from around the world, intent on bringing people closer by sharing that information and creating unity through the power of visual arts and film. Gibbons, the founder of production and consultancy services firm Lighthouse Imaging Group, realized the opportunity to help shape the future of international understanding and in 2002 tapped a talented group of photography and film specialists to help him create the first exhibit in the series, “14 Days in America.”

On the heels of “America’s” successful opening, Gibbons and his photographers and film crew departed for their journey to Great Britain in August of 2005 where they visited and captured the lives of people across 14 cities in 14 days. Dana Hursey was selected as one of the primary photographers on the Great Britain project and will accompany Gibbons to Russia on the next leg of the series. 

“This project is designed to bring people together, in front of and behind the cameras, and hopefully will help build better global relationships,” said Hursey. “Similar to people’s reactions to ‘14 Days in America,’ we are hopeful that ‘Great Britain’ and ‘Russia’ will inspire the same kind of self-examination.”

To help bring the next project, “Great Britain,” to life when the completed exhibition begins traveling in May 2006, the photographs will be printed on Entrada Fine Art Paper from Moab Paper Company, a selection from the company’s premium line of art papers. 

Photographing Freedom

Hursey has been a professional photographer for 20 years, 18 of those with his namesake studio, Dana Hursey Photography. While the bulk of his work is lifestyle portraiture, as he puts it, he shoots everything except cars. He counts Columbia Pictures Television, Castlerock Entertainment, Le Meridien Hotels and Four Seasons among his many high-profile clients.

A year ago Hursey began working with the Lighthouse Imaging Group and soon after, Gibbons asked him to partner on “14 Days in Great Britain.” 

“My passion is creating photographs, so I jump at unique opportunities like the one David presented me with last year,” said Hursey. “Additionally, I felt like I could add something more than my photography experience to the project in bringing my partnership with Moab Paper Company into the mix.”

Hursey discovered Moab and its Entrada line through, on online resource for photographers who use inkjet printers. He has been working with the product for a year now and, impressed with the results, will print all the images from the “Great Britain” and “Russia” projects on Entrada 300 Bright. He is particularly in awe of how Entrada stays true to the color gamut and provides a clean, crisp rendition.

“Entrada offers great color saturation and faithfully reproduces the images as they’re seen on screen, which is ideal in bringing to life a project like ‘14 Days,’” said Hursey. “The quality, texture and finish of the paper will really flatter the spirit of human nature found in these portraits.”

The Paper Collection

The Moab Paper Company manufactures quality fine art and photographic papers and accessories for the discerning professional. Its archival media was developed to provide the highest quality solutions at prices that both professionals and hobbyists could afford.

Award-winning Entrada Fine Art paper is dual-sided, 100 percent cotton rag paper that
is acid-free and available in Natural or Bright white. Because it utilizes multiple receiving layers, the paper is water resistant, permits instant drying, and prints with incredible detail and excellent tonality. 

“The Entrada line, our premium collection of art papers, is comprised of the finest materials and is designed to bring any image to life, which is the chief mission of the ‘14 Days Project’ series,” said Greg Schern, president, Moab Paper Company. “We’re thrilled to partner with a creative visionary like David Gibbons and a photographer like Dana Hursey. Their stunning work shows the promise of becoming an important collection in the future.”

Entrada also features a maximum color gamut and exceptionally deep blacks, which, Hursey says, will be valuable in capturing the essence of every person who participated in each project.

“Moab has been great to work with and is the best choice to pursue,” adds Hursey. “We would be sacrificing the quality of these images if we didn’t use Moab products.”