Outdoor Portrait Lighting Lessons

In this and future months, Professional Photographer magazine offers you free lighting tutorials from Web Photo School. To kick off the feature, we've got two great lessons.

Senior Portraits Using Litediscs Outside


Outdoor Bridal Portraits

Please use the Comments section below to let us know if you found the lessons valuable and to offer topics for future lighting tutorials.


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There seems to be a step or two missing in the tutorial...

Your results are certainly spectacular. My question is that, in a real world setting, how much of the brides time are you going to monopolize? Is the wedding taking place so you can create a studio on the beach or is it taking place for the bride and her family to celebrate a marriage. I loved your techniques and will apply them in family and model portrait sessions. I just am hesitant to make the wedding day more about the photographer than about the bride.


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