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Painter tips from Karen Sperling

Charcoal shading

Shading is one of the nicest ways to add a painterly effect to photos and paintings in Corel Painter.
I like to use the Charcoal category's Charcoal Pencil 3 variant as my shading brush.  I have altered it slightly, lowering the Grain slider in the Property Bar to 12, which puts more texture into the stroke.

200604bc_sperlcharcpaint    200604bc_sperlcharcorig
Click the painting for a larger view. Photo and painting of Laurence Gartel ©2006 Karen Sperling.

For efficiency, so that I have it ready for future painting, I saved the change as a new variant. To save a new varient, click the triangle in the Brush Selector and choose Save Varient in the drop-down menu. The Save Variant dialog box appears. Type in a name—I called it shading charcoal—and click OK. The new variant now appears in the Variants menu.

I used this shading brush to paint the shading that you see in the painting. I used the the Charcoal's Gritty Charcoal and the Chalk’s Sharp Chalk variants to paint the white and black lines.

Corel Painter IX Brushes Guide

Artist, author and photographer Karen Sperling is the original Painter expert. She wrote the manuals for the first several versions of Painter, authored several Painter books, has had many Painter tutorials published in magazines and has taught Painter to artists and photographers at movie companies, design firms, universities and professional photography organizations. She currently publishes Artistry Tips and Tricks newsletter and Artistry Corel Painter tutorials, and leads Artistry Corel Painter Retreats and workshops—all of which include information about art concepts in addition to Painter instructions. Karen's art, and information about her tutorials and classes—including the April 2006 Artistry Collaging Workshop taught by Laurence Gartel—can be found at