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Gear: Neal Clipper puts his money into speed and efficiency

In the March issue of Professional Photographer magazine we ran an article entitled "A favor they will keep" about Neal Clipper's techniques for making clients happy with onsite printing. Here is the list of equipment he uses in his workflow.

CAMERA: Nikon D2X digital SLR
PRINTER: Mitsubishi CP9550DW dye-sublimation roll printer. “I use two of these
units, which can produce a 5x7 dye-sub print in about 23 seconds,” says Clipper.
“I route images with bigger groups to one printer and smaller groups to the other,
alternating them to keep things moving.”
COMPUTER: Sony VAIO notebook with a high-speed processor. “The key is the
amount of time it takes to get the picture from the computer to the printer,” says
Clipper. “The faster the processor, the faster you can print and move on. Also, get a
unit with lots of USB ports; if you use two printers, you’ll need extra ports.”
WIRELESS TRANSMITTER: Nikon WT-2. Clipper’s photographers often transmit
the images directly to the computer for printing.
MEMORY CARDS: Lexar CompactFlash Cards with a Lexar CF 32-bit CardBus
adapter. “I recommend using a lot of smaller cards rather than big cards with a ton of
information on each,” says Clipper. “Then you don’t get behind in your processing
waiting for the cards to download.”
SOFTWARE: ACDSee Pro Photo Manager. Clipper’s teams use this brand new app
for image sorting, manipulating, renaming and resizing.
LIGHTS: Portable lighting units powered by Dyna-Lite XL packs, modified by
Westcott Halo soft boxes
BACKGROUND: Backgrounds by David Maheu