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Collaging Workshop April 24-26; Corel Painter Retreat May 9-11

Karen Sperling is pleased to present a Collaging Workshop taught by digital media artist Laurence Gartel, April 24-26. Laurence will cover both the art concepts and Photoshop/Painter tools he uses in his collages as a renowned commissioned illustrator of annual reports, consumer ads and movie posters. These concepts and tools are easily translated into creating unique collaged portraits. Photographers will learn how to think outside the box and to create truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece collaged portraits with images representing a subject's personal hobbies, interests, loved ones, friends, pets, etc.

The Artistry Corel Painter Retreat gives attendees the opportunity to learn to turn photos into paintings and to add painterly details to photos in Corel Painter. Instructor Karen Sperling wrote the original Painter manuals, in addition to several Painter books, and has taught and demostrated Painter since the program's debut 15 years ago. Karen teaches not only the Painter steps, but also the art concepts that photographers and hobbyists need to know to create paintings in Corel Painter.

"Just about every photographer attending my Artistry Retreats says the same thing," reports Karen Sperling. "They want to learn Painter because they are looking for something that will set their photographs apart from their competition.

"There are quite a few Painter teachers out there nowadays, which is great—the more the merrier! But, I'm beginning to notice a trend; many are teaching the same kind of oil-painted look on photographs!

"While I realize this look is popular—and I teach it myself—I ask, what's the point of everyone learning the same thing if everyone is looking for something different? Collaged portraits are a great alternative."

This workshop will also benefit hobbyists who create portraits from photos for family or for organizations.

Laurence Gartel's commissioned collages translatable into portraits

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Laurence Gartel and Karen Sperling will also be available for private instruction.

Contact Karen Sperling at or 818-981-2803 for more information about the Laurence Gartel workshop and about the Artistry Retreat, or to set up private instruction.