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PMA 2006: Nikon and Nik Software team up with Capture NX

The next generation of Nikon software, Capture NX, incorporates U Point technology from Nik Software Inc., which lets you place a control point on the color you want to edit and use simple sliders, all visible at once in a configuration that looks like fork tines, and make adjustments to elements like hue, saturation, brightness, contrast. The user can customize most aspects of the tool, such as the area of influence. You can also place multiple points on a single image and have two points work relatively to each other. In demos here, Nik representatives showed the tool in use to just point at the blue portion of sky in a photograph, set the white of the clouds to be unaffected, and upping the saturation of the blue to create a bolder image.

Capture NX will feature improvements to batch processing and image browsing. A new Edit List entry will track any effects or edits made to an image. The entry can then be removed, altered or duplicated on the list without any destructive effects to the original file. Users will be able to save or undo the effects of the U Point technology Control Points in NEF files at any time. Nikon will also introduce selection tools and color management control to Capture NX.

The software should be release in spring of 2006. Prices and upgrade information are currently unavailable.