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Karen Sperling presents workshop with Laurence Gartel

200510bc_gartelmozaic Karen Sperling is pleased to present a one-day workshop with pioneer digital artist Laurence Gartel as part of her November 2005 Artistry Corel Painter Retreat.

Laurence Gartel has been creating art with digital tools since before there was a Painter and a Photoshop. And he has had successes internationally with his art, as reflected by his list of accomplishments:

Laurence Gartel's 'Mozaic Lady Land' (right)

Karen Sperling, who has been writing about and teaching Corel Painter longer than anyone, is happy to offer this rare opportunity to meet artist and entrepreneur Laurence Gartel in this one-day seminar, where attendees will learn both how Gartel uses Painter and Photoshop and how he has become one of the most important and successful artists of our time.

Participants will learn how photographer and artist Gartel finds his inspiration, creates his art and gets showcased in just about every medium and venue, from galleries to museums to public works to video to books to television.

Laurence Gartel will present a thorough overview of his 30-year career as a successful artist, entrepreneur and businessman, including examples of his work and how he employs the tools of Painter and Photoshop to make them completely signature to his style.

He will also discuss market strategies directly pertaining to each student's area of expertise.

This is a unique chance for attendees to gain insight into Laurence Gartel's art and success, and to be inspired in their own photographic and artistic pursuits.

Participants can either just attend the one-day workshop on Monday, November 14, 2005, or they can then go on to learn how to paint portraits and landscapes in Corel Painter from Karen Sperling in the Artistry Corel Painter Retreat, taking place on the three days following the workshop with Laurence Gartel, Tuesday through Thursday, November 15 through 17, 2005.

Karen Sperling, who wrote the first several Painter manuals when the program debuted, in addition to several Painter books, and whose Painter art has been in group shows and is held in private collections around the world, teaches not only the Painter steps, but also the art concepts that attendees need to know to create paintings in Corel Painter, either from scratch, or from photos.

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Contact Karen Sperling at or or 818-981-2803 for more information about the Laurence Gartel workshop and about the Artistry Retreat.