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By Angela Nivens Rose

Not long ago I decided to take on yet another project, since it wasn't like I didn't have enough to do between running the studio, and managing a family. My goal was to put together a DVD for one of our best clients as an expression of our thanks for their business. After three hours of trying to create something wonderful that I could only envision in my mind, I turned off the computer and gave up.

Shortly after that, can you believe I received a fortuitous e-mail about a service that creates DVD presentations for professional photographers—Photo Showcase DVD. I clicked on the link and was taken to eMotion Media's Web site for a thrilling showcase that surpassed the way I imagined my images could be seen. I was excited to see how my images could be experienced!

200510bc_emotion01 I called about the free trial offer and was taken step-by-step though the Web site process to order my first DVD. It took about 20 minutes the first time to go through the steps and upload my images; three days later my DVD arrived—with a bag of microwave popcorn!

I have to say I was awed by the presentation. I was taken back to the feeling of pride I first had when I first started projecting my images instead of using paper proofs. Once again I witnessed the presentation of my images taken to a new level. The icing on the cake was when the client called raving about the DVD, and told me about the enthusiastic response of all the people they had shown it to! Now the DVD was not just a thank-you gift we had sent out, it was a marketing tool that spoke volumes.

eMotion Media's service was the tool we had been looking for to encourage our clients to show off my work, not only displaying it in their own home, but taking it to show friends and relatives in a dynamic way. It's like having clients work for you to increase sales and promote new clientele!

200510bc_emotion02 The technical support at eMotion Media walked us through creating a droplet in Photoshop in order to resize the client's complete file of images for uploading to their site. Once we were ready to send the images, it was an easy process that took only a few minutes.

200510bc_emotion03 The options on the DVD itself are terrific for proofing, as you can compare images in color, B&W or sepia tone.




Plus, multiple song listings are offered if you would like to choose your own music. If you prefer, the the folks at eMotion Media will do an awesome job of selecting music that compliments the entire DVD presentation for you.


One feature that was an added bonus is the ability to compare images for proofing.

It is helpful to download and print the directions for viewing the DVD (also included on each DVD) as each player and remote works in slightly different ways. Including these printed instructions with the DVD will save your client time when viewing the presentation. I was also very glad to have an FBI warning at the start to discourage any type of copyright violations. Our next project will be to do a portfolio DVD for the studio to display our images in various locations where we would normally have framed prints or albums.

This is a great product to offer your clients as an add-on sale, especially with the holidays just around the corner! The best part is eMotion Media does all the work for a very reasonable price for professional photographers, but we get to take all the credit, save time and make money!

The pricing for eMotion Media lends itself to the individual photographer's needs. A basic DVD with up to 25 images starts at $29.95, and with added features and animation the price increases up to $59.95. Depending on the number of images, the price will vary, with duplicate DVDs running $10 each. With the potential of add-on sales, it's a relatively small price once the original DVD has been created.

Visit eMotion Media for more information on Photo Showcase DVD and other services.

Angela Nivens Rose has been a professional photographer for 12 years and owns ANR Portrait Design located in Bellville Texas. Angela received her CPP in 2003 and is currently working towards her Masters degree. Her work has been showcased on TPPA's Web gallery and published in Southwestern Image magazine.


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