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Annual Evidence Photographers' School to Convene in Atlanta

In a four-day series of lectures and workshops, Evidence Photographers International Council will hold its 2005 School of Evidence Photography and Imaging in Atlanta, Georgia, November 3-6.

This year’s curriculum offers the opportunity for participants to learn a new technology that captures 360-degree panoramic images of crime scenes, study the intricacies of lighting and photographing ballistic wounds, and go away with a complementary kit to build a portal axial apparatus for shooting in low-contrast lighting.

Directing EPIC’s faculty and course of instruction is world-renowned forensic pathologist and evidence photographer Patrick Besant-Matthews, M.D., who also will teach two courses—Ballistic Wounds and Lighting Techniques, as well as Gadgets and Gizmos for Forensic Photographers.

Other highlights of the non-profit organization’s 2005 school include courses in Fingerprint Photography, Forensic Filters and Usage, Axial Lighting, Microscopic Evidence Documentation, A Brief History of Photographic Trickery, Digital Survival in a Forensic World, Using Digital for Evidence and Documentation, PhotoShop for Evidence Photographers, Personal Injury Photography, Business of Civil Evidence Photography, plus Video and the Court.

EPIC’s annual school attracts a wide range of students—from law enforcement officials to private investigators, from established experts in evidence photography to professional and even amateur photographers seeking to expand their earning potential. 

EPIC offers a certification program in evidence photography and imaging through its school, as well as continuing education credits required by many law enforcement agencies.   

For more information or to register, visit the Evidence Photographers International Council Web site.