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What's in Sandy Puc´s emergency kit?

bobby pins, hair spray, hair elastics, combs, brush, safety pins, mirror, tiny screw drivers, pocket knife, eyeglass repair kit, 2 large clamps, 2 small clamps, duct tape, Band-Aids, insect repellent, pens/pencil, water spray bottle, sewing kit, dishing line, Velcro, lip balm, scissors, first aid kit, AA batteries, super glue, lint brush, aspirin or other pain reliever, black Sharpies, baby wipes, black/white shoe polish, rubber bands, string or twine, lens cleaning solution, cable release, skin lotion, grey card, sunscreen, calamine lotion, bungie cord, hand lotion, water bottle, flashlight, small tissues, allen wrenches, plastic zipper bags, nail clippers, nail file, gloves, hand sanitizer, bubbles, squeaky toy, pliers, lens cleaning cloth, canned air, glue gun, cotton swabs, nail polish remover, shower cap, dog treats

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