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200509bc_cuffdemoBy Joan T. Sherwood

When I first saw the Smoy PhotoCuffs, I thought, oh, moms and seniors would love these.

The PhotoCuff is a soft vinyl (leather looking) wide bracelet with laser-cut windows for photos. The windows are protected by clear acetate, and you just slip your photos between the two layers of vinyl. The window pocket is open on both edges, so it's easy to position and change photos; simple friction holds the photos in place.

I procured two of the three styles for review, the Brooklyn and the SoHo 4, from artist Spencer Moy (hence the brand Smoy). These bracelets aren't mass-produced somewhere overseas. Moy makes the cuffs on order. I filled mine with photos from my trip to IUSA in New Orleans back in January.

200509bc_cuffcolors The 8-inch Brooklyn was a little snug but not uncomfortable on my 6.75-inch circumference wrist. All bracelets come in 8-inch sizes, with only the Brooklyn offering a 9-inch size. (If you think an adjustable velcro closure version would go over well, let Moy know by writing him at

Obviously, the options for photos to insert are limitless. As a pro you can offer to fill it with baby's best expression from the shoot, with the adorable little hands and toes type of shots, with funky senior poses, or just sell it directly in an impulse-buy area for clients who take their own digital shots and have their own inkjet printers. You can even display one loaded up with pretty papers, pressed dried flowers and other collage materials to attract the eye of the crafters and scrapbookers who come through your studio. You could also wear one yourself and fill it with photos that promote your photographic style.

Spencer Moy is offering 25-percent off retail price on orders over $100 to Professional Photographer magazine readers. Just place an order online via PayPal and mention the promotional code "PPA" in the optional notes portion of the PayPal process. Moy will refund the 25%. As we said, it's a small operation.

200509bc_cuffbrook The three styles are the SoHo 1, which comes pink, blue, cream, lavender, mint and black and has a single photo window that's 11/16 x 9/16-inches. It sells for $17.

The SoHo 4 comes in the same colors with four photo windows, for $20.

The Brooklyn (right) is a more masculine style that comes in black or brown, 8- or 9-inch sizes, four photo windows that are 15/16 x 13/16-inches, and sells for $25.

If you're headed to the Chicks Who Click retreat, Moy is sending a few to display there and you can check them out for yourself.

Visit PhotoCuffs online for more information.


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