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Create custom palettes in Corel Painter IX

Creating custom palettes in Corel Painter IX is useful for choosing brushes without having to go into the Brush Selector menus.

Unfortunately, you can’t name the brushes in the custom palettes. So if you have several variants from one Brush Category, you will have a bunch of indistinguishable icons in the custom palette.

Instead of putting all the brushes on one custom palette, create a custom palette for each brush and name them individually.


With several brushes in one custom palette, the icons are indistinguishable.

To create a custom palette in Painter IX:

1.    Click on a brush or on a variant in the Brush Selector bar and drag to the middle of the image. You’ll see a little square.

2.    Let go. The square becomes a custom palette.

3.    Choose Window > Custom Palette > Organizer. The Custom Palette Organizer dialog appears.

4.    Click on the new palette in the list. Click Rename.

5.    Type in a name for the custom palette. I found naming it the same as what it's called in the Brush Selector is useful.

6.    Click OK, then click Done.

The name you typed now appears under Window > Custom Palette.

You can continue to create and name custom palettes for your frequently used tools. By having a separate palette for each, you can always tell which is which.


With individual custom palettes, you can name each brush.

Artist, author and photographer Karen Sperling is the original Painter expert. She wrote the manuals for the first several versions of Painter and authored several Painter books and many Painter magazine tutorials. Sperling teaches Painter to artists and photographers at movie companies, design firms, universities and professional photography organizations. She currently publishes Artistry Corel Painter tutorials and Artistry Tips and Tricks newsletter, and leads Artistry Corel Painter Retreats, all of which include information about art concepts in addition to Painter instructions. She paints commissioned portraits, and her Painter art has been displayed in several group shows. Karen's art, and information about her tutorials and classes, can be found at


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