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DigiProofs launches online custom trading cards

Infrastructure to enable custom, personalized, one-of-a-kind trading card created online

DigiProofs, Inc. (, a leading provider of online proofing services, has launched Custom Online Trading Cards. The trading cards are professionally designed to create an elegant and unique look that will be great for one’s own collectibles or memorabilia for friends and family. It is ideally suited for sports and other theme events. Visitors to the online events view proofs online, select the card design, position the photo by pan and zoom, enter the personalized text, proof the final and order the cards, all by themselves. All that the photographer members have to do is set the retail prices to enable the feature.

The Custom Online Trading Card feature is based on the merchandizing infrastructure introduced in December, 2004. The new merchandising infrastructure will be instrumental in the future evolution of getting beyond just prints. The graphical interfaces and merchandising capabilities will enable photographers to offer a large selection of custom, one-of-a-kind products featuring a single photo or multiple photos while increasing sales per image and profitability.

The trading cards are accessed through the Photo Gift section. Initially it will be made up of designs for Baseball, Prom, Graduation, and General themes. The cards come in a set of 24 cards printed using Indigo printing technology.

About DigiProofs

DigiProofs is a leading online photo service provider serving the professional photographers and labs. Established in 1999, DigiProofs has a proven history of helping professional photographers generate incremental revenue while enhancing their marketing reach. The company's integrated infrastructures provide professional photographers and labs with online solutions focusing on easy of use, sales beyond just prints, and a flexible fulfillment process backed by extensive behind the scenes technology.