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Sharpics D-Flector

Desktop studio makes product photography portable, easy

200505bc_dflector By Joan T. Sherwood

Product photography can be a teeth-grinding, painstaking process. The D-Flector from Sharpics makes it so quick and easy it's scary.

The D-Flector is a reflective white background that folds (no crease) neatly into a lightweight wooden case. Open the case, lock the supports (simple hinges), and you've got a seamless background desktop studio. The photographic area is 24x35 inches and the outside dimensions of the case are 25x18x2 inches. It's so lightweight that I easily toted the case, along with everything else I usually carry to work, onto the train and for a one-mile walk from the station to my home. Sharpics says the photographic surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth, but I didn't get it dirty enough to test that claim. It certainly looks and feels robust.

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