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Sekonic and X-Rite Digital Suite

200503bc_sekonicxriteste Sekonic and X-Rite now offer the Sekonic X-Rite Digital Suite, a package that combines light metering technology from Sekonic with the monitor calibration of the MonacoOPTIX XR. The goal in offering this suite is to provide digital photographers with an avenue to perfect exposures and proper color, reducing (or eliminating) time spent in post-capture correction.       

The Sekonic X-Rite Digital Suite contains the new Sekonic L-558Rmulti-function, wireless radio triggering light meter, which provides accurate and sensitive light measurements for both incident and reflective light reading. To accurately evaluate the images on a monitor, the suite includes the award winning MonacoOPTIX XR, whichcolorimeter calibrates and profiles CRT and LCD displays.

If you purchase the Sekonic X-Rite Digital Suite before June 30, 2005 , you'll get a free copy of MonacoEZcolor (a $600 value), which provides scanner and printer profiling, direct from X-Rite Photo Marketing. The street price for the Suite is $699.